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We Support and Encourage Neighborhood and Community Involvement.

Veteran Owned / Minority Owned


Build relationships in the Dayton community and between other businesses in the area, and also encourage community involvement, when you become a member.


Memberships are available at $125 and $250 levels. Call 937-723-9958 or contact us for more information.

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A ONE-TIME membership due that best suits your level of support is all you need to own your own smoke house.  For Life.


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Become a part of the Texas Beef & Cattle Company's co-op through one-time-only dues. Your lifetime membership entitles you to members only perks!

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While Co-Ops have been in the Dayton area for most of our history, the introduction of the co-op style restaurant is quite a novel idea.  Creating a base of the community who is interested and invested in a new business is one of the smartest and most stable business models.  This base will ultimately be your advertising, your patrons, and your immediate feedback.  Members of a co-op have ownership, they have a voice, and that voice and vested interest in TBCC will lead us to our goal: To succeed at bringing our community great food, served with a smile, at competitive prices while serving and empowering our community.  


To begin, TBCC will be open for Thursday, Friday, Saturday dinner service and Sunday lunch.  We will work on perfecting processes and managing this new space.  We hope to grow into a lunch and carry-out business and possibly a weekend breakfast spot.  We will have a patio that encloses a gathering area and our smoke shack.  Our desire is to begin with 4-6 employees and shortly move into 10+ employees with the full swing of our off-site events coming into effect with the summer months.

Membership Core Ideas

We are calling out first 100 members our “Founding Members”.  These first 100 members will be integral to the timely kick start of our entrance onto Dayton’s food scene.  “Founding Members” will always be recognized with this special esteem.  We’re thinking of a special way to recognize them within the restaurant for posterity’s sake.

All memberships are individual memberships and are lifetime memberships to TBCC.  Members will essentially purchase memberships that give them  a higher discount/better deal  for 1 or 2 years and then revert to a lifetime (decreased) benefit for the lifetime of TBCC.  1 year memberships are $125 and 2 year memberships are $250.  All memberships signed before the grand opening will not start until our grand opening.  And at the 1 or 2 year anniversaries, the membership benefits will revert to the lifetime benefits.  


While we are still fully confirming the capability of our POS systems capability with our benefits, here are our desired benefits:


  • 15 % off menu entrees for each member with 10% off menu entrees for the lifetime

  • Free Birthday Meals with 50% off for the lifetime

  • Loyalty Points Program: Dollars Spent = Points.  Points will be redeemable at TBCC for Food & Merchandise

  • Board of advisors will consist of only members

  • Member only events like new menu tastings IE: Shrimp Boil – Crawfish Nights – Date Nights….


During the first 30-60 days after opening we will confirm with our POS the availability to track the benefits.  Once we have these confirmed, we will have proper cards printed with each member’s name, their membership dates, and their exact final benefits along with the lifetime benefits listed on the card.   We will mail these out with the list of all other special gifts (that can be picked up at the restaurant) that we have for each level of membership.  For the FOUNDING MEMBERS with 2 year memberships, we are working on a cutting board with the TBCC engraved logo and a FOUNDING MEMBER t-shirt.  1 year members will receive the FOUNDING MEMBER t-shirts with the option to purchase the cutting board.  


We look forward to being around in this community for many many years to come! Welcome to the family!


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