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Here at Texas Beef & Cattle Company we’re a co-op, veteran, and family-owned operation. We believe that by sharing our handcrafted family recipes passed down generations with you and your family, we’re able to foster closer community and connection which we value above all else.



TBCC will be open with a limited menu and limited hours on Saturdays 3 pm-8 pm and Sundays 12 pm-5 pm. We will also have limited capacity for dine-in service. 

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We realize the seriousness of the stay at home orders so we’d like to keep our interactions to a minimum by creating larger orders for your entire families to use for multiple meals.


 please email with as much lead time as possible and your contact information. 

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The final part of our move. The patio was taken down and the smokeshack was moved to our building…. Mixed emotions …
We would like to thank Matt and Steve At Carl’s Towing And Body Shop for the quick response snd perfect moving of our smokeshack. 
We really Appreciate it guys! 

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The only true Texas BBQ in Dayton 😋 Thank for sharing your passion. We’re now back in Corpus enjoying great bbq.

Absolutely the best BBQ in around...cant wait to see you reopen

Sorry to see you go. Hope 2022 is better for you.

Best food ever, is gone. Hope you are able to reopen soon. This Covid-19 crap has to end soon. So sad it caused Texas Beef to be a casualty.

Wright-Dunbar is going to miss you! Good luck whatever your future holds. 😢

I hope you are reopening soon! We miss the best bbq in town

Where is new location

Best wishes in your new adventure !

So sorry you are closing. Your food was so good !!

We're so ready to stock up on meat again! Please let us know when you are smoking again 🙂

Hope everyone is giving you plenty of catering business until you open back up (maybe by UD or MVH? Would get lots of business!).

thanks for sharing the wonderful flavors with us while it was possible...

So yall taking the the best ribs from being close to me 😔

Umm where is the new location?

Please tell us where you are moving to

Good luck to you.


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seeing it in color is great! He wanted that silverware!

So your meat is really fresh…

Uncle Buck !!!

I thought the brisket tasted different the other day

More than likely he attacked his reflection in the glass and broke through. LOL. Then he wanted to make sure none of his buddies were being BBQ'd.

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So let me get this straight….. You were down in Texas… Hunting 🦌 deer…. And a Deer back in Ohio (A rather nice Buck I might add) broke into your store? On 3rd street…. In the middle of town…. Some times life is just that crazy!

Nice Buck but fascinating it was roaming the city downtown (But not unusual). Where I live they're seemingly everywhere, even during daylight. (Miss the Restaurant!).

I don’t even know why/ how a deer would have been wandering in that area. Wow!

Had to to stop for a pointed buck running across broadway on my way back from Gem City market the other day.

This just happened out here in yellow springs as well. Current Cuisine and Dave Chappelle’s office both had front windows busted out by the same horny buck.

Oh my word!

Ryan Wilson

Tim W. Meyers

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So here’s another update. I spent a little time down in north Texas for the opening of deer season plus I had an opportunity to spend some time with family in Austin (dads birthday). Anyway, got back Monday night did some work Tuesday prior to celebrating my twin daughters birthday.

Wednesday morning I received a call from our landlord (yes we are still renting our space) that our restaurant has been broken into.

Now, most of you that have frequented TBCC know this is a very safe neighborhood snd that we have never had a crime of any significance (1 stolen brisket from smokeshack needing 10 more hours of cook not withstanding) in the 5+ years here.

Apparently the villain brazenly attempted a daylight heist by breaking through a front window pane.

When I arrived on the scene I noticed a light blood trail and some damaged artifacts and boxes of our already pack items

After a quick review of all spaces I headed down to the basement to review our camera footage. I still have three more cameras to review but this is what we witnessed

If anyone can identify this individual we’d like to have a, uhmmm discussion….
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Maybe the deer in TX posted to their social media...put out a hit?

This just happened out here in yellow springs as well. Current Cuisine and Dave Chappelle’s office both had front windows busted out by the same horny buck.

That's such a shame. The Tae's store next door has had their glass door broken a few times too.

I was going to ask if smoked venison was on the menu since he was hunting down south. Didn't know he was bagging deers locally as well.

Hope your cameras got a good picture...

What the heck?? How??? Why??? What would a deer want in a restaurant??

This breaks my heart. People are just ugh

He mistook you for his favorite coffee shop… Star-bucks

Don't see a picture

Folks- it was a deer that broke in.

For this looking, there is a video in another post. Shame on this guy!

It’s on their page....oh deer, I can’t believe this happened there.

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